born in montabaur/germany

johannes-gutenberg-universität mainz [german philology, economics, philosophy]

masters degree

academy of fine arts [städel] frankfurt with hermann nitsch

scholarship of the »hans-böckler-foundation«

since 2003
lives and works in rome and wiesbaden


Edith Urban, born in 1956, lives and works in Rome since 2003. Her essentially monochromatic works mostly present a rhythmic structure, and often also contain written elements, traces of decontextualised lines from a literary text or a pop song, sometimes just abstract signs. On the surface these fragments inevitably establish themselves as important graphic elements, partly legible – but sometimes their presence remains apologetic, tangible only in the viewer's consciousness. This approach of hers reflects both Urban's early literary studies at the University of Mainz (1974-81) and her studies at the Frankfurt Academy of Fine Arts 'Staedel' with the Viennese artist Hermann Nitsch (1995-97), who then held the chair of Interdisciplinary Art there. She is a member of the Professional Association of Fine Artists in Germany, the Bellevue Art Association and the KM 570 Art Association. In Italy she collaborated with the poets Sonia Gentili and Luigi Trucillo and the composer Lucio Gregoretti.

selection from 2000 to now

>one night stand<, curated by shara wasserman, COSMO, roma

>INSIDE - mi sposto tra le stelle< a cura di anna maria panzera and shara wasserman, temple gallery, roma
>Vissero le ninfe, vissero…<, a cura di anna maria panzera, MAD (museo d’arte e design umbria), clitunno
>TREpiuDUE<, rome art week, roma

>un'artista | un'opera< curated by irmela heimbaecher, fondazione isabella scelsi, roma (i)
>on paper | su carta< rome art week

>on wood | su legno< rome art week
>le altre opere< a cura di daniela perego e lucilla catania, museo napoleonico, roma

>sketch< a cura di gianluca covelli, prodotto da vertigoarte, galleria la nuova pesa, roma

>il paradosso della visione< rome art week, roma
>MACRO Atelier#1< MACRO museo arte contemporaneo roma [k] >pdf_827kB
>stille< curated by ulrich meyer-husmann, kunstforum mainturm [i]
>entasi< curated by massimo ruiu, casa dell'architettura, roma
>un certain regard< a cura di tiziana musi, galleria la nube di oort, roma [c]

>raw< - rome art week, roma

>raw< - rome art week, roma

>diversamente concettuali< a cura di werther germondari, spazio OGA, roma
>the sound of silence< a cura di vittoria biasi, palazzo sacchetti, roma
>tra le righe< a cura di marcello carriero, galleria miralli, viterbo [i], [c] >pdf_3.3MB

>il mito sepolto< curated by luigi paolo finizio, museo dei brettii, cosenza [c]
>side by side< curated by serafino amato, galleria monti, rome [i]
>what do you think I'd see, if I could walk away from me?< project with composer lucio gregoretti, curated by tanja lelgemann, centro luigi di sarro, rome [i][c] >pdf_650kB

>io sono un'altra<, curated by ulrich meyer-husmann
galleria la nube di oort, roma [i][c] >pdf_3.3MB
galleria vertigo, cosenza 

>maria und marie< kunstverein germersheim [i], curated by ulrich meyer-husmann
>casa con vista< trastevere, roma
>second edition< colonia 210, spinnerei leipzig [i]
>diary-projects< november 2012, www.diaryprojects.net

>transformation< landtag rheinland-pfalz, mainz [i]

>insiemi non disgiunti< a cura di rosa pierno galleria la nube di oort, rome [c]
>al di là delle parole< curated by pia candinas, galleria tiepoli38, rom [i] [c]
>denkenfuehlensein< katholische akademie trier, trier [i]
>the space between and around words< curated by shara wassermann, temple gallery, rom [i][c]

>fra le 4 pareti< progetto con quattro artisti in una casa vuota, rom
>ampliamento della percezione< galleria tiepolo38, rom
>life at the end of life< bellevue-saal wiesbaden

>tolleranza/intolleranza< galleria vagabonda, curated by agnietszka zakrzewicz, lodz, polen
>giancarlo sciannella-edith urban< galleria liart, villa borghese, roma [i]
>psyche says-works from rome< kommunale galerie schlangenbad [i]

>elegies< galleria studio pratt, roma [i][c]

>100 works...< bellevue-saal, wiesbaden
>o. t.< atelier neun, mainz

>eli eli lama asabthani< art in a religious setting, hauptkirche st. jacobi, hamburg [i]
>resumee<, kommunale galerie, darmstadt [c]
>arte dei due mondi< travelling exhibition, curated by the venezuelan embassy, roma, l'alquila [c]

>eli eli lama asabthani< art in a religious setting, dietrich-bonhoeffer-kirche, hamburg [i]
>vorbild-nachbild< lukas-cranach-prize, cranach-höfe wittenberg [c]
>under cover< orangerie darmstadt [c]
>painting – painting over – not painting< kommunale galerie, darmstadt [i]

>hessiale<  kunsthalle und stadtraum giessen [c]
>passages and poetic signs< galerie thalhaus, wiesbaden [i]
>conjunction-works< hilton frankfurt [c]

>works on canvas< kommunale galerie, schlangenbad [i]
>life and work of marie louise fleißer< harder-bastei, ingolstadt 

>five from seven< kunsthaus wiesbaden
>the first look and the last< wiesbaden [i]


legend [i] individual shows – solo or 2-person-shows [c] catalogue

sonia gentili: >edith urban: image of poetry - poetry of the image<, catalogue, 
ed: galleria miralli, viterbo, 2016

marcello carriero: >tra le righe<, catalogue [>pdf_3.3MB],
ed: galleria miralli, viterbo, 2016

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peter herbstreuth: >vorbild-nachbild< catalogue,
ed.: cranach-stiftung wittenberg 2003

>hessiale 2002< catalogue  
ed.: volker bunte gießen

i-00153 roma